We've been performing this version of a Tim Heidecker song live for about a year now. We've been hoping that it will become irrelevant every time we rehearse it, however it's become anything but. After this week's news (and every week's news, it seems) we had to record and release it. Here's hoping it will become irrelevant soon. All proceeds will go to www.icanw.org


I was born
in 1980
grew up on GI Joe and War Games,
and ICBMs

And after school
me and my friends
would meet in the garage
and take stock of the garden tools
to assess which ones would make good weapons

But my Dad had it worse than me
he'd have to hid under a desk
as if that would stop the blast
from destroying everything

Then the tactics changed
and the poor used what they had
like trucks and planes
and bodies strapped with dynamite

And it was terrible tragic
But it wasn't a mushroom cloud
yeah it was terrible tragic
but it wasn't a mushroom cloud

But you can't put the genie back

In fact it's a miracle
that it hasn't happened yet

Crazy how it only takes a maniac


from Trump Talkin' Nukes, released January 8, 2018
Written by: Tim Heidecker
Performed by: All Tiny Creatures


all rights reserved



All Tiny Creatures Madison, Wisconsin

experimenting with electronics and other instruments in rock/pop structures.

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